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Environmental Stewardship

We are one of what I believe are only three excavating companies in Northern Michigan to take the time to worry about what happens to our wash water when we clean our equipment. We have a rather large investment in our wash bay and evaporator system in an effort to keep contaminates out of the ground and ultimately the ground water. Along with the physical cost of installing and operating the system the employees have invested a great deal of time into keeping the evaporator in good running condition.

The system works by running the wash water through a settling basin in the floor. From there the waste water is pumped into a huge boiler and the water is evaporated as steam into the atmosphere. The contaminated dirt, grease and oils settle out or are absorbed by special pads that float in the settling pond and are replaced as it is cleaned out. The dirt is sent to the landfill for proper disposal.

All of our office waste is recycled, our used oils are sent in for re-refining and our scrap steel products are recycled. When performing demolition any recyclables are seperated for proper disposal. Steel, asphalt and concrete are the primary products that are economically recycled. All of the scrap steel generated by repairs and part replacements is also recycled.

Our Green Side

Since 2000 when we began our efforts to recycle the waste concrete and asphalt generated at our jobs, combined with the washout waste generated by Cornellie Concrete, we have prevented the wasteful land filling of 50,482 cubic yards of material. That material has been crushed into usable road base products (22-A and 23-A). In addition to preventing the land filling this effort has also slowed the removal of additional natural resources by the same amount. Due to the high crush count (100%) this material has proven to be superior to natural products generated in this region.

To put this amount into perspective it is enough gravel to build 16.5 miles of 24’ wide roadway, cover 62 acres 6” deep or fill an area the size of a football field 45’ deep!

We have accumulated an additional 14,000 cubic yards waiting to be recycled in the next year or two. This will create a total of 64,482 cubic yards!

In addition to this, over the last 10 years we have recovered, screened and sold over 26,000 cubic yards of topsoil from our jobs. Had this been stripped from fields it would have taken over 30 acres of land 6” deep to supply this soil.